With every flicker of the screen,

I grow fuller with wants and dreams;

My orders are clear, and I must comply,

Jolly,  I intone the mantra of life:

‘I must have; I must buy.’


With every glossy page I turn,

The perfect boy, The perfect girl;

This is who you’re meant to be,

This is who your mirror ought to see.

Your destiny awaits the call of money.


Another sunrise to find a fiend,

Eight hours away from being a friend.

Every drop of sweat,

resurrects the teachers meme:

‘Work hard, and in the end, you will succeed.’

But ’tis but a dream,

for reality bites with the corporate creed:

‘Cats must feed,and the mice turn the wheel.’


Is this life’s ends?

My best days lost? A survival pay?

Spending my days as a slave?

How did I ever fail to spot,

This truth in my youth?

For is this not, my parent’s trap?

                                                                                                        ~ I.R.S