O’ heed your ears to the SOS of liberty,

An enemy has besieged the city.

Shake of petty differences, stand in unity.

The time is now to shape our destiny.


Leave the offices, Leave the mills,

Let all slave houses silence fill.

In the streets we gather our feet,

Raise our voices and freely speak,

“If not liberty, let all rest in peace.”

When pungent gases captures the air,

Our restless eyes, will cede to rain.

Tho’ hurt and in pain,

Obstinate voices will not wane,

Let the vista from the ivory tower,

Whisper softly in the ears of power,

“‘Tis nigh the hour,

All have raised freedom’s banner.”

The voice of  the people shall end the day,

Their laws, their leaders, we disobey.

~ I.R.S