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To fight the empire, one must first acquire, many foes,

To demonize and vilify, is a weapon, it truly knows.

When freedom rise, truth is told and lies exposed,

Allies align, and prostration hems the emperor’s clothes.

Who dares fight the Leviathan? Who dare be bold?


At O’ such burden, life uncertain,

A guiding light shines behind the curtain.

Now the tables turn; we the people learn,

Governments lie! Corporations lie!

Foreign relations, is simply defined, Mafia style.


As embarrassment rises, with every leak,

The marionettes assemble to receive the brief.

Pen in hand; eyes fixed; ears kept keen;

On every face a single theme,

‘What power speaks, we repeat’.

The message ignored, the messenger reviled,

Big business rallies, toes the party line,

Governments collude; but on what to indict?

On the lips of hypocrites, liberty stands sublime,

In the east it must be free; at home it must decline.

To us its clear; ‘Tis time to fight!

~ I.R.S

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