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The media would like us all to think that in America there are only Democrats and Republicans, but it is nice to see that there are also Americans.


Though divided by distance,

We share the common circumstance.

Different faces; different places,

Joined by the common cry for Justice.


     From Greece, to the Middle East,

From Africa, to the Americas,

The ‘government’ is the capitalist’s trustee.

Democracy beguiles the mass as part-takers,

Of the choices, are you pleased?

Who remains the constant victor?


Brothers and sisters, whom justice seek,

Will sooner or later, be facing defeat,

While batons and guns guard the elite,

In a system producing profits,

By consuming human beings.


But in what does victory lie?

To what end must you cry to deaf ears?

Must the belly slay the voice,

And your feet give in to despair,

Before you realize, defeat is nigh?


You are victorious!

From you donned your banner;

From your sole kissed the street;

From your lungs were unable to feed;

From you shouted truth to power;

The mighty bull became weaker.


But savour victory not only this hour,

For victory is continuous,

So be also victorious tomorrow.

~ I.R.S

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