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Bradley were you the one,

To free us from bondage,

And spark a revolution?

In this age of corporate slavery

Have we truly paid you homage?


Why are the true heroes facing the cold?

Julian, unfree to roam,

Bradley dying slowly in a hole.

For what?!

The unthinkable crime:

Challenging the status quo.


Bradley my friend,

Although in solitary confinement,

You are among the greatest company of men

Thoreau said it best,

Prison, the place of honour under an unjust government.


But to sit idly by,

Suffering such a precious soul to die,

Would make justice truly blind;

A canker on a nation, decaying with time.

Let us not wait to reverse the tide,

It is now for Fort Leavenworth to be occupied.

~ I.R.S

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